Turmeric – Olena

Olena. Beautiful. Golden yellow orange. So so so healing. So potent. Used raw in juices or in cooked dishes, this super easy crop is worth making some room for in your garden. The roots take care of themselves. With a well dug space and exposure to the elements, sun and rain, you’ll be sure to reap a bountiful harvest from just a little knub of this root.

* This auspicious harvest and replanting happened on the Huna Moon which means “hidden horns”and helps describe the shape of the moon during this time. It is said that this is a good time for planting roots and gourds since they hide and a poor time for fishing because of the same reason! Here are a few reasons why growing and eating more Turmeric is a fabulous idea,

  • helps destroy cancer cells & protects against radiation induced tumors
  • antioxidant properties destroys free radicals in the body, reduces inflammation making it an excellent medicine for arthritis
  • helps moderate insulin levels and improves glucose control and can be used in treatment of diabetes
  • stimulates the body’s immune response through a substance called lipopolysaccharide
  • helps to heal wounds because it’s a natural antiseptic and antibacterial
  • increases the flow of bile so is beneficial for weight loss/management. This  also helps improve digestion but is best only eaten raw if suffering from any kind of gallbladder disease
  • invigorates and improves blood circulation which helps detoxify the liver

Fresh turmeric juice, fermented noni, papaya, organic apple, mint & local honey. Blended.

So now what to do with it, especially after a big harvest?

  1. blend raw with filtered water (or use your juicer if you have one) Strain and use mixed with other juices to improve the bitter taste
  2. chop or mince and use as a base for cooking – will turn rice a lovely yellowish orange
  3. take 1-2 small chunks and blend into smoothies
  4. Blend with fresh coconut milk, strain (or don’t) and use in curries
  5. Make the above and sweeten with honey, heat and drink as a warm comforting tea
  6. Boil then simmer turmeric with ginger for 20 – 35 minutes to make a lighter tea, serve hot sweetened with stevia or honey or iced on a hot day
  7. Use in raw pates and sauces
  8. Store extra in a zip lock or jar with a close fitting lid in the refrigerator

Pre-Blend. This was about 1 cup of turmeric juice, 1 cup of noni, 2 cups of papaya, 1 small apple, about 1/8 cup of mint and 2 Tablespoons of honey. Experiment with different fruits and juices.