Research, Papers, & Reports

Research & Papers

  • Farmer & Rancher Focus Groups (2021). A report on results of a statewide focus group of farmers and ranchers across Hawai‘i in partnership with Hawai‘i Good Food Alliance, KUA, and Transforming Hawai‘i Food Systems Together. View the report here.
  • Kaua‘i Farmer Survey (2017). An island-wide survey of over 100 farmers, designed to determine their needs and challenges. Download the 2017 Kauai Farmer Survey Report.
  • School Garden Guide (2019). A brief how-to on setting up your school’s garden program with the Kaua’i School Garden Network. Updated in 2019. Download the Kaua‘i School Garden Guide.
  • Natural Resources Career Pathways: A Guide to Kauai’s Community Resources (2015). This resource guide for Kaua`I educators, parents, and students offers over 40 community resource profiles offering assistance to students seeking future careers in the Natural Resources carer pathway. Download the NRCPResourceGuide.
  • North Shore Water Study. Under the direction of Dr. Mehana Blaich-Vaughan, Mālama Kaua‘i received a grant to create enhanced understanding of muliwai and steam systems and ma uka and ma kai relations. The project aims to restore the community’s ability to assess stream health and knowledge as to whether it is safe to enter the water, without sampling. The project will also provide data to help implement proper policies to improve watershed health and decrease pollutants in the bays where people love to swim, fish and surf.
  • Kaua‘i Agricultural Study (2009) (Low Res 6mb / High Res 17mb)
    Diversified, Localized, and Sustainable Agriculture on Kaua`I: Assessing Opportunities and Addressing Barriers – This 163-page, detailed study looks at water, land, labor, distribution, marketing and many other primary topic areas that affect agriculture on Kaua‘i.
  • Kaua‘i Farm Directory (2009). An island wide directory of farms including what they produce by season and how to contact them. North Shore Edition available for download.
  • North Shore Farm Systems Study Findings (2009). Findings compiled from 20 one-on-one interviews with small-scale food producers on Kaua‘i’s North Shore, as well as others involved in the food system chain, including chefs, restaurant owners, and specialists statewide. Download here.

Program Reports