Banana Coconut “porridge sauce”

If your morning meal needs some sprucing or you want to add flare to your oatmeal, here’s the way. After you’re hydrated from drinking the coconut water, crack open the nut (, discard the meat (the back of a spoon or sometimes a butter knife work best) and toss it in your blender with a bit of water. There’s no need to get a “milk like” consistency, the hardiness and texture is yummy and thick. Add a banana, maybe a drizzle of honey and a pinch of sea salt and there you go – a new sauce for your oats or morning grains. If you’re feeling super nutty – add some almonds and hemp seeds and you’ll be loaded with good for you natural fats and protein. The coconut sauce can be a medium for plenty dishes too – I do this often for making curries. The take home…no matter what, use that meat!