Roselle Sun Tea

Sun Tea. So fun to drink, so easy to make. We love this cold alternative to water when we need hydration and it’s flowery subtle flavor and beautiful photorosy red color is a delight. Oh…and it’s easy to grow so planting it in your backyard is easy and sure to provide several batches.


the calyx, the red, fleshy covering enclosing the flower’s seed pod, which is used for flavoring, cooking and food coloring. – See more

Hibiscus is Roselle’s botanical name and has a surprising number of medicinal uses and nutritive qualities. It has been used as a diuretic, an anti inflammatory and as a go-to when feeling under the weather. Roselle’s vitamin C content and antioxidants are likely responsible. Overall, it’s a good one to have around.

Roselle grows well in temperate, tropical zones and can be planted outside once they’re 3-4 inches tall in their pots. They’ll be rather self sufficient so long as weeds are kept at bay (no mulch) and they’re given enough room, a few feet on either side of the plant. Nitrogen apparently slows its growth but planting in soil that high in organic matter will be enough to establish a healthy plant, flowering plant.

  • whether you grow roselle or purchase the buds from the farmers market, cut from the long sturdy stem


    Peeling the skin away from the bud

  • peel the skin off and discard the inner bud – probably 10 flowers per 1 liter will do
  • place in a jar full of filtered water and set in the sun on a bright warm day
  • Store in the refrigerator and enjoy over ice through out your day or after work