Pineapple-Almond Coconut Truffles

Do you make homemade Almond milk? Do you want to? Wondering what to do with the leftover pulp? Then now you can make your own almond milk and have cookies to go with it!

This is so simple and so versatile, you barely need a recipe, just a little nudge and a few ingredients on hand. Here’s a step by step – then go nuts ;)~

  1. Soak 1.5-2 cups of dry, raw almonds in water. Let sit 2-6 hours or overnight.
  2. Blend soaked almonds in about 6 cups of water – you want about a 1:4 ratio almonds to water
  3. Once blended, pour through a fine sieve lined with cheese cloth or seed milk bag
  4. Squeeze as much excess as you can from the cloth or bag to get a dry almond meal
  5. Refrigerate your almond milk – enjoy in your morning coffee, over granola or with your soon to be cookies
  6. Place almond meal in food processor – you’ll probably have ~ 1.5 cups of meal, this might vary so you’ll want to tweak your add-ins according to your taste
  7. For this recipe I took 1.5 cups of dried pineapple – chopped into bits, 1 cup of shredded unsweetened coconut, 1.4 cup honey, 2 Tbsp coconut oil, dash of sea salt, a dash of vanilla extract and blended in the food processor
  8. If the mixture is too dry try adding a few splashes of almond or coconut milk so that the blade continues to blend – alternatively you can do the mixing in a bowl using your hands
  9. cover the “dough” and put in the fridge for a couple hours so the coconut oil helps to harden the dough
  10. uncover and take small chunks of the almond dough and begin rolling into balls – for these I took cacao powder and dusted the top but you could roll them in more coconut or other nuts, drizzle them with melted chocolate.
  11. Eat and refrigerate the rest. Then experiment with other add ins – almond butter, cacao powder, cacao nibs, more coconut oil, maple syrup, other dried fruits etc etc. The key is that the meal mixes with a small amount of liquid, a little bit of coconut oil (so it hardens in fridge), and flavorings so that when you form your truffles they stay together rather than falling apart.

Enjoy and thanks for being resourceful!