Fa’alifu – Ulu in Coconut Milk

This is a delicious, traditional Samoan recipe and a great use for  unripe firm Ulu. Rather than cut, peel and seed the ulu before cooking, I took the entire fruit and put three in a large stock pot with water and brought to a boil then simmered for about an hour. Once mostly cooked I cooled the ulu, peeled it (easier – and preserves more fruit), cut the seed away and chopped into large 1.5 -2 in chunks. Your ulu will require very little cooking time – about 10 minutes in a bath of simmering water with the lid on.

Marinated in coconut oil with fragrant onions and sea salt, this method of preparing ulu is a fabulous accompaniment to any locally inspired meal – if not a meal in itself with a nice garden salad. And simple too! Here’s the low down:

Prepare your ulu as I mentioned above – or – peel, seed and cut your ulu if your pot is too small or you prefer to start by boiling the fruit in chunks. You’re looking for a soft consistency but not mushy – cooking time should take anywhere from 10 minutes (pre boiled) to 25 minutes (if you chose not to boil whole). While your ulu in cooking take,

  • 2 standard cans of coconut milk or 2 + cups of homemade coconut milk
  • 1 small handful of good quality sea salt
  • 1 medium white onion, sliced

Pour your coconut milk in a bowl. Add your onion and salt. Begin massaging your onion, rub and squeeze it between your fingers for about 5 minutes. Set aside – the longer the marinade sits, the more mellow the onion taste. Once the ulu in finished cooking, drain in a colander and add to your coconut milk onion mixture. Stir and fold to combine and either serve hot or room temperature. Enjoy again and again!

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