5 Fun Ways to Eat Rambutan

Kaua’i Grown Rambutan

Dragon’s beard? No, the hairy lychee! Part of the name “rambut” actually does translate to hair in Malaysian. The thick, soft spines on the exterior protect the juicy, vitamin C packed fruit on the inside. Once the skin turns from green to red or yellow then the fruit should be nice and sweet. In the center there is a seed, like lychee, and not recommended for consumption. Rambutan is seasonal and usually available from October to March in Hawai’i. Add to your order now before the season is over!

Now that you have Rambutan, how do you store it?

  • Best kept in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, depending on harvest
  • At room temperature or on the counter, it is best kept for 1-2 days.
  • Rambutan can be frozen for up to 6 months with the outer shell on, however its best enjoyed fresh.

Is my fruit ripe?

Not Ripe Yet = Sour/BitterRipe & Ready = Sweet/ʻonoOverripe = Fermented/Sour
Different Stages of Ripeness for Rambutan

Check out these 5 great ways to eat rambutan:

  1. The best way to eat and appreciate this spiny fruit is freshly peeled as a healthy snack. For a step-by-step process on how you can easily prepare this delicious fruit click here
  2. Another way to enjoy rambutan is to add it into your smoothie. Click here for a tropical smoothie twist. 
  3. It can be the perfect surprise to a fruit salad. Add to any fruit salad and using fresh is always best!  If you would rather follow a recipe, click here for a beautiful fruit salad. 
  4. Impress guests with a rambutan cocktail/mocktail recipe that will have them saying “hana hou!” Click here for the recipe. 
  5. Or would you like some variety to breakfast? Try making this simple rambutan jam that will give your toast or bagel that tropical upgrade for a refreshing start to your morning. Click here for a video showing how to make this simple recipe.

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