Simple Okinawan Sweet Potato Recipes

Did you know that the Okinawan Sweet Potato actually came from South America? A top government trading official from Japan brought it to Okinawa in the 1600’s and it did so well in the Okinawan climate that it quickly became a major part of the food supply there. It eventually spread into other areas of Japan. Eventually, in the 1800’s this purple potato made its way to Hawaii where local farmers grow them year round.

Nutritional Benefits: 

Low in calories – 1 cup contains about 220 calories which is similar to 1 cup of brown rice. 

Good source of fiber – Contains more fiber than brown rice; 1 cup of the purple potato contains about 5 grams of fiber.

Purple for a reason – Contains anthocyanins which are believed to have many health benefits and give it the royal purple coloring. You can learn more about the benefits of anthocyanins and research that was done here.

3 Easy Preparations:

  1. Baked

Perfectly Baked Okinawan Sweet Potato - EatPlant-Based

A Simple Start: Use a fork to poke holes in the potato. Wrap in foil. Bake at 400 degrees for an hour or longer depending on size and desired texture. See this great Baked Purple Sweet Potato recipe for a quick and easy way to dress up your baked potato. Or try this Baked recipe using fresh rosemary and a few other simple ingredients.

2. Boiled & Mashed

Purple Sweet Potato Mash - Keeping It Relle

A Simple Start: Remove skin of the potato with a peeler. Cut into chunks and add to a large pot. Cover with water and boil until fork tender. This Mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes recipe features the boiled and mashed version of the potato. Another mashed variation could be substituted in any dish that contains yams. For example, use mashed Okinawan Sweet Potatoes in place of yams in the holiday favorite, candied yams. A pleasant purple surprise will grace your dinner table. Or try Candied Okinawan Sweet Potatoes for an easy to follow recipe.

3. Roasted

Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes With Garlic Dipping Sauce - Lady Lee's Home

A Simple Start: Remove skin of the potato with a peeler. Cut into bite-sized chunks and add to a bowl. Check out this Roasted Purple Sweet Potato recipe on creating the perfect roasted potato using 5 ingredients. Don’t stop there, add any vegetable on a sheet pan and roast alongside the potatoes for a truly colorful and vibrant side dish. Eggplant, mushrooms, squash or whatever is in season and locally available. This Roasted Veggie recipe is a crowd pleaser and perfect for adding in Okinawan Sweet Potatoes. Make sure the potatoes are cut smaller than other veggies since they tend to take longer to cook.

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