Starfruit-Mint Juice

image It’s no wonder fruit just collects at the bottom of trees, decomposing, attracting flies, becoming food for chickens and pigs…we grow so much of it! And after the first rack of bananas and the daunting task of eating, preparing and giving them away – seeing another rack steadily ripening can make you brace yourself. But this post isn’t about bananas, not even close, it’s about starfruit or carambola.

Highly versatile, juicy and delicious, Starfruit only contains 4% sugar at most so it makes a lovely, not overly sweet, medium for lots of juices, jams, preserves, even pickles. Here’s a simple, resourceful and healthy (antioxidants, potassium & Vitamin C!) way to incorporate starfruit into your diet and take advantage of this tropical bounty. Enjoy

  • 1 small bounty (4-5 ripe starfruit)
  • 1/3 cup or so of fresh mint
  • 1.5 – 2 Tbsp local honey

Blend all your ingredients in a high speed blender and pour through a mesh sieve. I find it goes quicker if you tap the edge of the sieve to encourage the pulp to separate. You could also do this through a seed milk bag. Discard into your compost bucket…(or make fruit leather?? I wonder…) and enjoy your fresh juice as is, over over ice. Voila