Packing Lunch


Some garden turnips with a green sauce made from their greens along with kale. In the opposite container, a can of wild salmon, a dollop of mayo, some sauerkraut, olives and hazelnuts (shown in featured photo)

Packing our lunch is a gesture we maketo our budget, our health goals, our refrigerator, our bodies. It’s a priority we make to look after ourselves and the environment. It’s a pattern & intention we set. It’s more than the food that goes into our reusable containers. What is it for you? For me it’s one BIG metaphor.

Remembering that most countries outside of America make ample time to go home, sit down, savor a break with their families, take a nap even. This is the norm. Sound foreign? That’s because it is. And they’re much healthier than us, as a whole. Our work ethic and punishing schedules not only diminish our need for a break but invalidate our human bodies.
Packing your lunch isn’t always easy, but it becomes easier with practice. I highly encourage anyone to grab some odds and ends from the fridge, add a high quality protein like canned salmon or hard boiled eggs or leftover chicken. A few leaves of lettuce or kale. Adding a dash of salad dressing – probably some leftover from the fridge, or possibly some salsa? Maybe it all fits coveniently inside a tortilla with a lttle sprinkle of cheese. Before you know it you’ve taken food that was likely being forgotten and recycled it. Go you!

Leftover quinoa and potatoes, mixed with artichokes, figs and shaved onions. All blended together with some garden kale for a yummy healthy lunch on the go.