Medicinal Miso

While the temperatures hadn’t dropped below zero, feeling the cold bitter reality of 30 degrees was shocking to my bones this Thanksgiving in Portland Oregon! I came home to Kauai after a brief visit to my brothers with cold and flu symptoms that are just finally tapering off. I can thank lots of Wellness Formula, Vitamin D, Zinc, Lozenges, Water, sleep and this yummy miso soup for assisting me in the recovery. So while the flu buzzes around the island – or wherever you may be, keep this handy recipe around for when it really counts (and any day of the week for that matter). Enjoy

*Miso paste should never be boiled, this is the only thing to remember when making miso soup. Always ladle hot water from the pot you intend on using and add to to a bowl and whisk in your miso paste until it’s all be incorporated. You can add the slurry back to your simmering pot but watch the heat. There’s usually not much more cooking involved after you’ve reached this step.


  • collect your veggies, chop and dice
  • include ginger and onions for medicinal properties
  • image

    From the land: minced ginger, scallions, collards and broccoli

    heat your pot with water filled half way – for this much produce I used about 2 quarts of water

  • 1/3 cup miso paste
  • heavy dash of Bragg’s

Once you water has gotten hot, ladle a spoonful into a bowl and add your miso paste. Stir and whisk until the water is cloudy and there are no visible clumps. Meanwhile, add your veggies and ginger. Add your dash or braggs (or tamari) and lastly, your miso slurry. The greens don’t need much cooking, maybe a minute or two so once you add the miso to the pot you’re ready to serve. Sip, savor and finish with a spoon. Aloha