Market & Backyard Belly


This is just a little show and tell of some food made from produce purchased from the farmers market across from Kealia Beach in Kapaa. All the food sold at this particular market is grown just behind the open building where it’s sold. Pretty cool. Zucchini stir fried in coconut oil, curry powder and garlic chives. The other, an arugula and watercress salad tossed in a papaya seed dressing. Full veggie belly.


Drink your harvest. Literally. I’m not a huge fan of marketable health products (a’puri’hem). Makes me just…want to drink a bottle of wine and eat a pint of hagan daaz. But really. Health is at your finger tips every moment every day. We don’t have to buy into green powder Hollywood cleanses and regimented product lines (however in this drink I do use a blend of various sprouted greens and chlorophyll, but can be found at a health food store just for a boost), we do however have to learn how to make good choices if anything healthy is meant to be sustainable. I’m not saying it’s easy. And yes, it can be easier when the food grows at your feet. Here’s a go with simple ingredients very accessible that are very close at hand and can be modified with whatever you have on hand. The avocado takes the place of a banana – adding creaminess without extra sugar, great fat and super filling. The pineapple, high in bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory is used as a base for this nutrifying creamy tonic.

Blend 1 small pineapple, including core

1/2 avocado

1 nub ginger

1 nub turmeric

your favorite green powder

Water just to liquify, start with less

*Blend all in high speed blender, enjoy