Curry Leaf

If you could smell through this computer screen oh the magic you might feel envelope your entire head, senses and imagination. Almost smells better than it tastes but it lours one to concoct something – anything that could stand up to its glory. Meet the amazing curry leaf and let your mind soar. What’s photonot to love? This is beyond the traditional store bought curry powder. Untainted by other spices it stands alone, center stage, bare and beautiful asking nothing more than to be honored simply however you’re feeling inspired. I’ve blended into sauces, toasted into simple spice blends and cooked into dishes. Do as you feel, just try not to mask the flavor with other overwhelming ones so you can truly embrace its essence.

Here are a few simple ideas:

  1. gently toast over a medium flame. Add to mortar and pestle along with toasted fennel seed and sea salt. Grind to incorporate. Sprinkle over steamed vegetables. Particularly nice over kalo & uala. (tar0/sweet potato)
  2. saute with onion, ginger, turmeric, garlic and a drizzle of olive oil. Add whatever vegetables, pulses or grains you choose to use and a lovely base to any dish.
  3. when making a dressing, add as you would salt and pepper. A dash of fresh curry leaves will bring a delightful pungency and fragrance to your salad