Baby bites

image_6 Parenthood is tough enough. I know I’m not alone when I go the extra mile to make sure my imagechild is well fed and nourished. When it comes to feeding our tots we want their food to equate to more than puffed cereals, white franken-meat and sugar laden sauces. And unless they’re exposed to these foods early the road may be bumpier down the line. Their diet (and sleep) is one of the primary contributors to their brain function & development so an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure (and mountains of sanity for mama & dada). Start early!

Need fast and convenient? There’s nothing worse than knowing your sweet P could use a snack and there’s nothing around to offer. Below is a list of ideas and fun finger foods that leave you feeling good about your efforts and prepared for anything. The best part – these are all adult friendly so what baby doesn’t finish, parents can take care of the rest.

  • Anything pureed wrapped in nori! Try mashed Okinawan sweet potato (with a bit of butter/coconut/olive oil & sea salt mixed in), pureed carrots, peas & greens, smashed squash, goat cheese and avocado, almond butter & banana
  • Bone Broth. When chilled, the base becomes a nutritious gelatin which is a mineral packed pure collagen super food. Kind of like jell-o but way better for your babe.babynoribite2
  • Smoothies filled with greens, local fruit & raw egg (yolk only before the age of 1). Try banana & papaya. Add a few sprigs of kale or a few leaves of lettuce. Add a spoonful of your favorite green powder. Add an egg – it’s flavorless and provides babe with heaps of omega-3’s and sulfur laden amino acids. Soaked macadamia nuts or smooth almond butter. Add a splash of kefir (milk, coconut or water). Offer sips through out the day.
  • Pates and other organ meats. My mind was blown when I made a local beef liver pate and both Shea and I ate it together at the counter. Soak liver in lemon juice for up to 24 hours and drain to reduce the “liver-y” taste. Other organ meats like kidney can be used in ground meat dishes and will blend right in.
  • Organic apples/pears sauces with local turmeric and/or ginger root. Stew for 20-30 minutes at a simmer and blend – add a touch of local honey.
  • Coconut or Almond Flour pancakes. These are great because they contain no inflammation causing anti-nutrient grains. It’s an awesome use of eggs especially if baby isn’t a fan and any leftover fruit or pureed starches.
  • Cacao – chocolate. I see big things wrong with Snickers bars and commercial Reese’s pb cups but nothing wrong with Raw cacao powder mixed with avocado, coconut oil, honey and a touch of sea salt. Chilled. Fudge. Yum. Sometimes just a bit of dark chocolate will do as a snack. I’m happy it can be so simple and Shea is happy she gets choccollogenolate.

My list keeps growing because I keep experimenting – the more I grow as a parent, the more I’ll add. My biggest offering – be courageous. You’ll never know what your child will love and you may just be surprised.