Mons-terrific Round-Up of Healthy Halloween Recipes

Another spooky season is here full of monster mash tunes, silly costumes, and boo-tastic Healthy Halloween recipes! We wanted to celebrate the weekend leading up to all Hallow’s eve with a round-up of tasty treats that will hopefully do the trick!

First off are these Healthy Halloween fancy toasts and Halloweggs that will scare any sugar craving straight to the cemetery. Your kids will not only get a good giggle out of these kooky, spooky snacks, they can also help you create them (insert mad scientist laugh)! 

If you’re fixing lunch-to-go for your mini-monster then take a stab at these Halloween Bento Box ideas that are sure to lift their spirits. 

You may think that kids picking fruits and veggies over candy is purely witchful thinking, but if you really want your snack trays to soar, check out these 25 Snack Ideas that will have all the children under your spell. 

The Jack-o-Lantern Salads included in this compilation of healthy snack recipes are a simple way to serve up greens using hollowed out orange peels, a sharp carving knife, and a bit of imagination.  

Did you know popping little eyeballs onto your food makes them super, duper adorable!? We love these Carrot Mummies for a delicious snack in between meals or as a side dish with this extra freaky Feetloaf — FoodNetwork gives frightfully clear instructions on how to transform your favorite meatloaf recipe into a toe-tally disgusting yet delicious main dish! You can also try Whitney and Billy’s Monster Feetloaf recipe that they shared on our live CSA cooking show. Keep your eyes peeled, their video will be coming soon!

Swap in local sweet potatoes and flex your carving skills with this Shrunken Potato Head recipe that will heighten the fright vibes during dinner on Halloween night. 

And, zero scare factor here when your kids find out these bananas took a quick dip into a pool of chocolate. Served on a popsicle stick and frozen into ice-creamy awesomeness, try these ‘Boo-nana’ Pops to top off the night.

We hope you enjoy these Healthy Halloween recipes and have a safe, fun-filled Heleuī! Bone Appetit!