Resilient Farms: Aloha Aina Poi Co.

One of our most well-known kalo farms and poi producers on the island is surely Aloha Aina Poi Co. They are a farmer-owned enterprise that strives to build an aina-based community full of enrichment, culture empowerment, and economic development for Kauai. Their mission is to revitalize kalo farming and continue to grow the best quality kalo products on the west side of Kauai.

Like many kalo farms and taro producers on the island, they are taking on a new challenge from recent economic disruptions to take on online orders and develop new strategies of social media marketing. Theyʻre also doing some amazing collaborations (aside from our Farm-to-School CSA Program), including providing some incredible meals for kupuna on the west side every Friday, partnering with other area farms such as Kuamo‘o Farms and The Breadfruit Institute.

“Collaborate and work together, competition shouldn’t be something we dwell on. Help one another – that’s the key to all of our success” Kaina Makua, Owner, Aloha Aina Poi Co

“Covid-19 has definitely allowed us to expand more of our kalo planting efforts. At this point, kalo is a huge commodity in our communities throughout Hawaii.  It has been the main “staple” (for the lack of a better word) in Hawaii for generations. We only see its value in times like this, kalo has been and should always be at the forefront of ‘ai (food) in Hawaii.”

“CSA programs have allowed our communities to tighten up, from the consumers to the middleman, but most importantly the farmers. We need to bind closer in order for Hawaii to thrive. Everybody is going to eat,” says Kaina Makua, Owner of Aloha Aina Poi Co. “Competition is an illusion that we create but really there is none. Mahalo to those who have come together in our communities and for those who haven’t we pule for you.”

Like many taro producers on the island, they are taking on new challenges and seeking opportunities for their business to thrive. You can find more of their offerings conveniently online where they sell ‘ono poi, kulolo, and Hawaiian style apparel.

You can also check out their social media pages for many laughs and more updates about their farm on their Instagram: @AlohaAinaPoiCo and Facebook: Aloha Aina Poi Co.