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IMG_4655Malama Kauai’s Community Farm is situated on 8 acres of land on Wai Koa Plantation, in Kalihiwai Ridge, just north of Kilauea. The farm is our base of operations hosting the 42-plot Kalihiwai Community Garden, 2-acre Kauai Food Forest agroforestry permaculture project, livestock pastures, demonstration farm plots, a Youth Garden, and more.

Our community-based educational farm provides food, plant materials, and learning opportunities for local residents and visitors alike. All of our operations aim to be as sustainable as possible, from our solar powered office space to our organic production methods.


Every Friday from 12noon to 4pm we have a Tree Propagation Day, where we airlayer, plant, and grow new food trees for community distribution.

Directions to the farm:

PDF Map Link

From the South:
Pass the Shell station in Kilauea, then pass the mini-golf course on the left. Make the next left onto Kahiliholo Road. There is a left turn lane and you will see a large sign saying “Kalihiwai Ridge.” (See below for more).

From the North:
Cross the Kalihiwai bridge, then make the next right onto Kahiliholo Road. You will see a large sign saying “Kalihiwai Ridge.”

From both directions:
Once you are on Kahiliholo Road in 1/2 mile as the road curves to the right take the next left into a large driveway with a few signs that should denote Malama Kauai and the North Shore Dog Park, continue into Wai Koa Plantation. Go through the stone gate, and follow the dirt road mauka/towards the hills, through another gateway, to the back of the property.

By bus:
The nearest stops are in Kilauea and across from the Shell station.

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