Gardening Certificate Training


Kanuikapono Public Charter School in Anahola was the first location to host one of our pilot sessions, with 40 participants in the training program. Over 5 weeks we held workshops and work days where participants learned how to garden while completing a beautiful garden installation at the school. We are very excited to provide such a training site to the Anahola community and the children, families and staff of the school.

The next training location for this project is TBD. If your school or community center is interested in hosting a session and installing a large-scale school garden, please contact us!

Over the years, Malama Kaua`i has cultivated relationships with Kaua`i’s farmers and professional gardeners who have spent literally decades learning how to grow food specifically in the soils and climate of Kaua`i. It’s now time to merge this network of experienced farmers with the enthusiastic community, school and backyard gardeners in order to strengthen our economy, our health and foster agricultural entrepreneurs throughout Kaua`i.

Island-Wide Gardening Initiative
Malama Kaua`i is partnering with pilot schools located regionally around the island to establish community based training sites for the gardening initiative. Through this program we will:

  • Utilize an installed school garden project as an interactive outdoor classroom for students and a community training site on weekends,
  • Tap into the expertise of Kaua`i farmers to strengthen the student’s experience with age appropriate training,
  • Ensure community program graduates pledge at least six months volunteering to care for the school gardens/community training sites as new classes of volunteers are trained, and
  • Create an online system to share best practices and allow graduates to continue communicating.

So far the program has trained 57 participants and installed school gardens at Kanuikapono Public Charter School in Anahola, and Kawaikini Public Charter School in Lihue.