Kauai Food Forest

FFLogoThe Kauai Food Forest is the first project of its kind on Kauai. The initial planning meetings were held in May 2012 and the agroforestry project was installed by over 150 community volunteers the first weekend in December 2012.

The project is a collaboration between Malama Kauai, Regenerations International Botanical Gardens, the Sanctuary of LUBOF and many dedicated and passionate community members.

The permaculture-based forest covers over two acres and boasts thousands of root, ground, shrub and tree plantings including over 100 climax species food trees. One of our main goals is to localize the amendments used in the forest, so many of the plantings include nitrogen fixing and high nutrient companions.

For more information and active dialogue around the food forest we encourage you to visit the group page found at facebook.com/kauaifoodforest or join us for Kauai Food Forest Work Days held on Saturdays at 8:30am.

Video of the Kauai Food Forest by Rob Cruz – May 2014 One of the primary Kauai Food Forest stewards, Nicoli Barca, gives you a tour of the Food Forest in May of 2013.


From the South: Pass the Shell station in Kilauea, then pass the mini-golf course on the left. Make the next left onto Kahiliholo Road. There is a left turn lane and you will see a large sign saying “Kalihiwai Ridge.” (See below for more).

From the North: Cross the Kalihiwai bridge, then make the next right onto Kahiliholo Road. You will see a large sign saying “Kalihiwai Ridge.”

From both directions: Once you are on Kahiliholo Road in 1/2 mile there is a sign for “Pepperwood Plantation” on the right. Pass it and as the road curves to the right take the next left into a large driveway with a green Private Property sign. Go through the stone gate, and the garden is on the right.

By bus: The nearest stops are in Kilauea and across from the Shell station.