Kilauea Ag Park Complex

In 2016, we closed out our fiscal sponsorship with the Kilauea Community Agricultural Center (formerly Kilauea Ag Park), who held their groundbreaking in March, and is thriving in its development due to the leadership of ʻĀina Ho’okupu o Kīlauea, who is now an official nonprofit, with Yosh L`Hote as their Executive Director. Congratulations KCAC! Please visit their website to learn more about how you can support and get involved in this project.

This 75-acre parcel will serve thousands of residents on Kauai as a regional food hub assisting Hawaii’s shared efforts to increase food security, preserve rural character, provide viable, agriculturally based economic development with a long term vision to provide our youth with rewarding jobs and skills in agriculture.

The regional agricultural center’s master plan includes:

  • a 250 plot community garden
  • the relocation of the Kilauea farmers market, one of the largest on the north shore
  • 3 acre compost and recycling facility
  • 4 acre new farmer training site
  • 4 acre renewable energy park
  • wash and pack facilities to manage import and export capabilities
  • equipment sharing headquarters
  • with the balance of the 75 acres being put into active agricultural production by local residents

In the 1970s when the Kilauea Sugar Mill closed, lands were sold off and we saw the development of gentleman’s estates. In one of these deals, the community was supposed to receive 75-acres to support displaced plantation workers, and the Kauai community, so they could continue agricultural production. But since the 70‘s, the community has wrestled to get access to this land. After a 30-year battle, we finally got it.

In 2014, the project had finally been put in the hands of the community, with the 501(c)(3) organization Malama Kauai providing fiscal sponsorship for ‘Aina Ho’okupu o Kilauea while they obtain their own non-profit status with the purpose to develop the site into a regional agricultural park and food shed as set forth by a master planning process as commissioned by the County of Kauai in 2008. Since that time, an Environmental Assessment has been performed and a Stewardship Agreement has been created to allow for the development of the site.

This project has the full support the Kilauea Neighborhood Association and The Mayor of the County of Kauai. It upholds the goals of the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan and a New Day in Hawaii. It is in line with Important Ag Lands and the State Constitution by preserving and perpetuating lands of agricultural importance.

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