Ulu Fritters


A ripe green ulu cut in 1/2, revealing the soft interior seed. This will be skinned and steamed to make Ulu Fritters along with savory and pungent backyard herbs & spices

Since becoming a major fan and advocate for tallow which is rendered fat from cattle or other ruminate animals – see this post – I will fry just about anything with confidence (and immense satiety). Ulu is such a versatile food and the flavors it takes on will lend it new character every time. In this case, I took everything on the counter from Mexican Oregano to Lemongrass and whizzed it all away in the Cuisinart then added this pungent and savory spice/herb blend with steamed ulu. For color contrast – and the experiment – I added tomato paste and mashed it all together. Into the hot frying pan these over sized golf ball fritters went and created a most flavorful, unexpected dish that was fun to eat and incredibly satisfying.

Ulu – or Breadfruit – with all its versatility and personality is not just a delight but a sustainable local option for anyone living or traveling to the tropics. When we demand foods that grow in such abundance – the ulu tree yields 150-200 fruits per year – we’re supporting the positive expansion for sustenance and a model for food change and food security.

Enjoy these ulu fritters and tweak them with a sense of adventure.

Ulu Fritters

Dietary Gluten Free
Meal type Appetizer, Main Dish, Side Dish, Starter
Misc Serve Hot


  • 1 Medium Ulu (greenish yellow, partially ripe)
  • 1 bunch herbs (be creative and explore, mix and matching flavor profiles is the fun part. I used lemonegrass and mexican oregano)
  • 2 cloves garlic (or a small handful of garlic chive)
  • 1 knob ginger
  • 4oz tomato paste (like I said, this was an afterthought. You can certainly use fresh tomatoes or omit this all together. I was going for a fusion theme so I blended lots of different stimuli)
  • Small sea salt
  • 1 bunch bunching onions (otherwise, scallions or 1 small onion)
  • a small array of pungent spices (including your garlic, add chilies if you have them)


Step 1
With a semi ripe ulu, skin and cut in quarter sized chunks and set in pot about 1/2 full with filtered water. Add a bit of sea salt. Bring to a boil and reduce to simmer, cover and cook until tender.
Step 2
Chop and prepare herbs and onions. Large chunks are fine since they'll be broken down in Cuisinart. Add to food processor and turn machine on until everything is broken down.
Step 3
Remove the spices and herbs from the Cuisinart and add them to a large bowl. Take Ulu and tomato paste and add to Cuisinart and blend, this might take 2-3 rounds depending on how large your Ulu is or your machine is.
Step 4
Add blended Ulu to the spice mixture and incorporate with your hands. It might look something like this...
Step 5
Heat tallow, lard or other high heat cooking fat such as coconut oil or butter in a heavy bottomed pan. Once the pan is prepared, make large balls out of the Ulu "dough" and set inside pan to fry. Each side needs a good 3-4 minutes. You can make smaller fritters too.
Step 6
Plate and enjoy shortly after cooking - they're best with the crispy bits scraped from the bottom of the pan.
Step 7
I served these with Pork belly. It was that kind of night.

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