FEED Farmer Grant Program

In partnership with the County of Kaua‘i OED Innovation Grants program, the Farmers Enhancing Equitable Distribution (FEED) Mini-Grant Program will distribute $50,000 in mini-grants to Kauaʻi farmers and ranchers. We expect to offer between 7 to 20 grant awards in the range of $2,500 to $7,500.

Funds will be used to increase food production to fill market gaps – to be sold at fair market value – into sales channels that involve SNAP/DA BUX, keiki and kūpuna feeding programs, emergency food distributions, food banks/pantries and other food access programs.

Program Timeline:

– November 17th, 2022: Grant Info Session Webinar held, View slides here
– December 1st, 2022 by 5pm: Applications due, Application is here
– December 2022: Applicant Site Visits & Interviews; Grant Awards Made
– January 2023 through August 2023: Grant Projects Executed
– September 2023: Final Grant Reporting

Types of Grants & Eligible Expenses:

All grants are intended to increase production to fill market gaps and increase local food made available to food access programs. All expenses must be related to this purpose, and have identified crop(s) indicated in the grant application. Crops that are currently in demand will be covered in the grant info session on November 3rd. Grant applicants are welcome to discuss their ideas with MK staff for feedback before submitting their application.

$2,500 Grants
Eligible uses of farmer grant funds include:
– Supplies (<$1,000 per unit, to include plants, seeds, inputs, pots, irrigation, small tools and equipment, special packaging, etc.)
– Materials for building small propagation or growing/shade structures, trellises, animal enclosures, and other small accessories approved under ag exemption
– Services to clear new plots for planting expansions
– Small livestock purchases to develop initial breeding stock/flock/herd (ex. lambs, pigs, goat, turkey)

$5,000 to $7,500 Grants
Eligible costs include all of those above, as well as:
– Mature, productive orchard installations
– Larger and/or prefabricated greenhouses / shade houses covered under ag exemption
– Fencing to protect new/expanded farm plots from predators and pests, or to provide safety for livestock management 
– Mid-size equipment / tools >$1,000

* Additional requirement for the $5,000+ grant category is a lease with a minimum 5 years remaining or ownership of farmland.

FEED Kauai Farmer Grants Eligibility:

To be eligible for grants, Kaua‘i based farmers or ranchers must be established operations with current food production/sales and engagement with food access related sales channels at the time of application – with commitment to continue into the future. Food access channels include our KauaiLocalFood.com programs and other SNAP/DA BUX sites, food banks/pantries, etc.

Farmers/ranchers also must have site control and approval of improvements or expansion, as evidenced by a signed lease or land ownership documentation. Those seeking grants $5,000 or more must have a minimum of 5 years left on their current lease.

These mini-grants are intended for small farm businesses who lack access to grant opportunities; nonprofit organizations are not eligible as they have existing access to grant resources.

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