Aloha Aina Workforce: Kunana Dairy & Farm

Charlie Cobb-Adams is employed through the Aloha Aina Workforce Program at Kauai Kunana Dairy and Farm as a construction and maintenance worker. He is getting his hands-on career transition experience in the orchard and pasture of a dynamic family farm Continue Reading →

Aloha Aina Workforce: Malama Huleia

Malama Huleia is an area that holds cultural sentiments, archaeological concerns, ecological vitality, and potential food raising resources. Located on the Huleia river, which extends westward from Nawiliwili Harbor, the Alakoko Fishpond has seen 50-60 years of inattention and had Continue Reading →

Aloha Aina Workforce: Kumano I Ke Ala

The Aloha Aina Workforce Program with Kumano I Ke Ala hosts workers that are learning skills applicable to farming, like land management, planting, harvesting, the life-cycle of the taro field, and farm maintenance. They are learning to track the native Continue Reading →

Aloha Aina Workforce: Moloaa Irrigation Coop

The Aloha Aina Workforce Program provided funding for the Moloaa Irrigation Coop to hire Adam Neaves as an Apprentice Water Systems Distribution Officer. The Coop (MIC) provides oversight of the 500,000 gallon water tank in Moloaa that serves 700 acres Continue Reading →