Lamb Recipes for Your Lamb Bundle!

We rounded up some great lamb recipes to give you plenty of ideas on how to handle your lamb meat from! 

You’ll see a lot of Mediterranean, Asian, and Middle Eastern style dishes (where lamb is more popular), so you’ll notice Italian, Moroccan, Greek, Chinese and other cuisines are common for lamb recipes.

Here are some 5-star recipe ideas on how to handle this high-end and delicious product that treat it with the respect it deserves:

Ground Lamb

Ground lamb recipes are abundant online, and ground lamb can also be swapped in place of other ground meat in recipes. But lamb is uniquely earthy and lean, so using it in recipes that are made for it will yield the best results.

You can start with classics like a Greek Style Lamb Burger or a basic Lamb Burger. Or turn it into delicious lamb meatballs like Moroccan Lamb Meatballs, Lamb Meatballs with Spiced Tomato Sauce, or Lamb Meatballs with Garlic and Cumin.

If you’re ready to level up and get creative in the kitchen, you could try some of these unique lamb recipes – Mediterranean Lamb Bowls, Shepard’s Pie, One-Pot Ground Lamb and Couscous, Spicy Ground Lamb Kabobs, or Hummus with Spiced Ground Lamb.

Lamb Steaks

You might see a variety of cuts labeled as lamb steaks in this batch of lamb bundles, so we’ve provided a variety of different recipes. It can be helpful to identify which type of cut you have using a chart like this to choose the best type of cooking method for the cut.

Some lamb recipes that sound good to us – Mediterranean Braised Lamb Shoulder Chops, Slow Cooker Lamb Shoulder Chops, & Garlic Herb Lamb Shoulder Chops.

Lamb Ribs

Lamb ribs (or riblets) are much smaller and less meaty than their usual counterparts, but need similar cooking to become tender and are decadently delicious if done right. They also have quite a bit of gristle and fat – so they pair great with green and acidic sides like a cucumber salad or a light coleslaw.

You can take lots of fun directions with these, like Vietnamese Style Lamb Riblets with Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce, Keto BBQ Lamb Riblets, Instantpot Indian Curry Lamb Spare Ribs, or Sticky Spicy Lamb Ribs.

Lamb Chops

If you have lamb rib chops (versus lamb loin chops), you may want to french them to give them that fancy look – YouTube how-to video here from one of our favorites. Chops cook super quick to their preferred rare to med-rare temp, getting dinner on the table fast with a quick pan fry or grill kiss. They also take on a marinade nicely.

Try an easy Pan Fried Lamb Chops recipe, or mix it up with Grilled Lemongrass Lamb Chops, Lamb Chops with Peanut Sauce, Five Spice Lamb Chops, or Moroccan Spiced Lamb Chops.

Lamb Leg

These big beauties are quite the stunner for a big meal. The most common handling is making a leg of lamb roast with a nice rub. Since the meat is so tender it doesn’t need marinating and doing so too long could even make it tougher. Make sure to let it rest after cooking and slice against the grain for the most tender, juicy bites!

Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at this basic roast recipe for some great tips, and if you’d like to take it a bit further, check out Greek Style Leg of Lamb, Tuscan Style Leg Roast, Morrocan Spiced Leg Roast, Sticky Chinese BBQ Lamb, or Indian Leg of Lamb. The options are endless.

What are some of your favorite lamb recipes?