Farm-to-School Lunch Assistant, Kawaikini NCPCS

Kawaikini New Century Public Charter School is seeking a part-time assistant to work with their new Farm-to-School lunch program. This exciting new program incorporates local ingredients from farmers and ranchers into healthy and wholesome school lunches made from scratch!

The Lunch Service Assistant will help to ensure the lunch service runs smoothly and provide an extra set of hands. Duties will vary but may include:

  • Assist with prep work and clean up before and after lunch service
  • Help clean and set tables
  • Assist in serving food on the lunch line
  • Monitor tray cleaning line and interact with students

This position with Alu Like is up to 40hrs/week for 6-8 weeks and pays $10.10/hr Lunch Shifts are Monday-Friday from 10:30-12:30 + additional kitchen and garden hours

Eligibility for Alu Like

Based on Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) requirements, applicants must be:

  • Native Hawaiian
  • Age 18 or older
  • Unemployed, Underemployed, low Income based on Federal Program income requirements, or recipient of bona fide lay-off notice in the last 6 months or will take effect in the following 6- month period, or an individual who is employed, but is determined by ALU LIKE to be in need of employment and training services to obtain or retain employment that allows for self-sufficiency
  • Selective Service verification (all males age 18-25)

Those interested contact Angelina at (808) 828-0685 x21