Earth Day Rising VI – 2016 Workshops

Doors open at 8:30 for Seed & Plant Giveaway & Info Booth Browsing

SESSION #1 – 9am to 11am:

Bamboo Building with Tony Lydgate of Steelgrass Farm
Timber bamboo is the most sustainable building material known to man. Many bamboo varieties have a lifespan as long as a human’s, so a single bamboo plant can literally supply building material for a lifetime. Learn to harvest, prepare, and build with this incredibly renewable material. Tony Lydgate is the fourth generation of the Lydgate family on Kauai and the founder of Steelgrass Family Farm, growers of theobroma cacao (the chocolate tree), vanilla, timber bamboo, lettuces and market vegetables, and honey.

Intro to Beekeeping with Jimmy Trujillo, Kaua`i Beekeepers Association
Participants will learn about basic apiary management and how to get started. Topics that will bee covered are: apiary set up and required equipment, honeybee health and hive maintenance, basic honeybee biology, and products of the hive. The workshop will bee facilitated by KCC apiary instructor and Kaua’i Beekeeper Association Chair Jimmy Trujillo. Jimmy has been providing guidance and instruction to newbees & wannabees since 2010.

Let Mulch and Nitrogen Fixing Plants Work for You with Paul Massey of Regenerations
Learn about the multiple benefits your garden and orchard can receive from the wise use of mulch and nitrogen fixing plants. A wide diversity of techniques, materials, and species will be considered. Paul is director of Regenerations Botanical Garden, hosts the weekly “In The Garden On The Farm” radio show on KKCR, and has been a mahi`ai (planter) on Kaua`i for the past 17 years.

KEIKI SESSION: Niu Moʻolelo & Palaʻie Making with Malia Chun, Na Pua No`eau
Kumu niu or the coconut tree was one of the most important and useful plants to Hawaiians. Join Nā Pua Noʻeau as we explore the many uses of this incredible plant! Learn moʻolelo (traditional stories) of niu, the nutritional benefits of niu and make your very own palaʻie (traditional Hawaiian kendama!) to take home and play! Malia Chun is the site coordinator for Nā Pua Noʻeau cultural enrichment program, for studentʻs K-12, whose aim is to raise the goals and aspirations of keiki and equip them with the tools to achieve success.

SESSION #2 – 11:15a to 12:45p:

Grafting & Air Layering with Ashly Trask, National Tropical Botanical Garden
Learn the basics of air-layering and several grafting techniques with an opportunity for hands-on learning and practice. Ashly has 16+ years of professional propagation experience  and is currently the manager of the National Tropical Botanical Garden’s Southshore nursery on Kaua’i, where she primarily grows native plants for restoration and conservation efforts throughout the island.

Kaua`i Marine Issues
Hosted by Gordon LaBedz, we’ll discuss various community-based projects happening on Kaua`i to address important marine issues. We’ll hear from Barbara Weidner of Surfrider Foundation Net Patrol on Ocean Trash and Derelict Fishing Gear, Kalasara Setaysha of Kohola Leo (Whale Voice) on Our Local Whales, Cynthia Welti of Surfrider Foundation on Ocean Friendly Gardens, and Katie Nalesere of DLNR’s Division of Aquatic Resources on Coral Disease Issues, followed by a discussion and Q&A.

Distillation with Tammy Davis
Learn an introduction to a basic distillation as we explore the process using a copper distiller to make hydrosols and some essential oil. Bring a small 2 oz.bottle to take some home. Tammy Davis has been growing plants and experimenting with how to use them in herbal medicine making for over 15 years, learning a bit from many mentors including Susun Weed, Howie Brounstein, and locally Gabriel Monaghan.

KEIKI SESSION: Build Your Own Worm Bin with Sara Hopps, Malama Kaua`i Youth & Food Program VISTA & Connect 5
Learn the importance and ease of composting your food & yard scraps with vermiculture! We will be constructing small worm bins for home use. Come with questions for our experts! 

Lunch Break, 12:45p to 1:45p

SESSION #3 – 1:45p to 3:15p:

Coyote Nature Mentoring Workshop with Matt Kirk, Kauai Nature School
Do you want to empower nature connection in the world? Coyote mentoring is a fantastic introduction to the basic principles of our nature-based educational approach. It is designed for educators, parents, and anyone interested in significantly expanding their teaching repertoire and mentoring skills. This course provides the foundational tools for crafting powerful experiences of learning and deep connections with the natural world for your students, family, employees, or even yourself. We invite you to join us as we rediscover the sense of wonder for nature’s mysteries that all children share.

Bio-Intensive Gardening with One Song Farm
One Song Farm invites participants to tour their productive market gardens and learn about bio-intensive gardening techniques. They will discuss soil fertility, plant health, bed preparation, amendments, composting and plant starts. They will also share information on using sub-tropical permaculture strategies for sustainable agriculture production.

Coconut Basket Weaving with Eugene “Onio” Punzal
In this class you will learn to weave a basket from the frond of the coconut tree. Uncle Onio is an experienced weaver who teaches classes at Kaua`i Museum.

KEIKI SESSION: Hawaiian Natural Dyes with Sally Rizzo, Youth & Food Programs VISTA
Come and explore the world of brilliant natural colors, using traditional Hawaiian Dye plants! Participants will learn how to use safe, eco-friendly natural dye, while helping create decorative banners for Malama Kauai’s Youth Garden. All who attend with take home natural dye treasures and recipes! No special skills or prior experience required. Please bring clothing that can get dirty. All other materials will be provided!

SESSION #4 – 3:30p to 5p::

Imu Cooking with Aunty Lorna Poe
Learn how to prepare and cook in an imu, including amazing recipes, from our very favorite Cultural Nutrition Educator Aunty Lorna Poe. Volunteers who come on Monday morning to help clean up will be fed with the wonderful feast from the imu prepared during this workshop!

Aquaponics with Ueli Miller, KCC Aquaponics
Aquaponics is the combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics, growing protein and vegetables in the same system side by side. Ueli will give you a short overview how this combination works and what it can produce, as well as answer your questions. Ueli Muller has been managing the Aquaponics system at the Kauai Community College since 2013 and has assisted hobby and commercial growers ever since. 

Kaua`i `Aina Conservation Efforts
Hosted by Gordon LaBedz, talk story with various partners involved in a variety of conservation efforts around Kaua`i. Angela M. Anderson of Hawaiian Islands Land Trust will discuss land conservation efforts; Michelle Clark of Pacific Islands Fish and Wildlife Office will cover conservation partnerships and the Alakai Wilderness Preserve; Pat, Kauai Invasive Species Committee Technician will provide updates on mongoose and little fire ant; and Sara Bowen will discuss the progress of Mālama Hulē’ia, followed by discussion and Q&A.

KEIKI SESSION: Seed Crafts & Planting with Katie Cannon, Youth & Food Programs VISTA
Keiki will explore their creativity and work with some of natures most valuable gifts by planting mini gardens and crafting locally harvested, handmade bamboo rain sticks.

Stay for closing talk story & music!