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NAUE Burial Preservation Fund

URGENT APPEAL TO SAVE NAUE BURIAL SITE | Download Pledge Document as a PDF here

September 15, 2008

Dear Friend of Kaua'i,

Several community groups are joining an effort to acquire the ocean front parcel at Naue, between Wainiha and Ha`ena, which has recently been in the news.  Property owner Joe Brescia's attempt to build a large home on the parcel has upset the community as the site has many Hawaiian burials. Shoreline set back has also been an issue. 

A community purchase of this parcel would show strong support of the indigenous culture by allowing the iwi kupuna (bones of Hawaiian ancestors) to be fully respected and peacefully remain in place.  It would also preserve valuable coastal open space for the community in perpetuity.  Leaving the lot open would allow natural cycles of ocean and sand movement to occur.  These cycles are frequently disrupted by ocean-side buildings, leading to beach erosion.  

The purchase would be accomplished through Malama Kaua`i, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  

To show the owner that the community is serious about accomplishing this purchase, several large pledges and numerous small ones are needed.  These pledges would need to be converted to a check sometime within the next two to six weeks.  If you are able to help, please read the pledge below, print your name(s) on the top line, sign the pledge and fax it to Keone Kealoha at (808) 828-0485.  Please also feel free to email or call me anytime at keone@malamakauai.org or 808-634-8174 if you have questions, or to communicate that you've sent the fax. 

Mahalo nui,

Keone Kealoha, Executive Director, Malama Kaua`i

>Download Pledge Document as a PDF here

>See more stories about the property in the news here



I (we)____________________pledge $___________toward the purchase of the Ha`ena lot (TMK# (4) 5-8-009:045) to preserve it in perpetuity for protection of iwi kupuna and preservation of open space for the well-being of our community.  I (we) agree to convert this pledge into a check within two weeks, or as soon as possible once asked to do so.  I (we) will send the check to Keone Kealoha, c/o Malama Kaua`i, 4900 Kuawa Road , Kilauea , HI   96754 or to an escrow account if so directed.  The check should be made out to “Malama Kauai”, the 501(c)(3) selected to handle this transaction, with “Naue Burial Preservation Fund” in the memo line.  I (we) understand that the amount of our donation will be deductible to the full extent of the law if the purchase is completed.  If the purchase is not finalized, the check will be returned.      

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Download Pledge Document as a PDF here